Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's in a name? ......Part 1

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet".- Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

This is a secondary question I haphazardly stumbled upon when writing in my journal recently. The question began initially as a speculative thought. It's spark evolved into a blazing fire. The fire willed the burning and demolition of the names I call my self by, in order to regenerate a set of new names.

Our letters represent symbols. They form syllabels with consonants and vowels, and these form words. Our words form sentences. Our sentences form paragraphs. And from our arrangments of paragraphs, we create, percieve and tell stories. As these arrangments of symbols tell stories, so do our names. They tell the stories of our parents, our ancestors, our lineage. Stories of the past. While I appreciate theses stories for what they are, I no longer find them useful in the creation and telling of my own story.  They no longer serve me, and the person I was brought here to be.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? You see the "reflection" of your face and body. Explained fundamentally and in scientific terms, you see the recycling of energy made manifest.

If you imagine or "reflect" back on different periods of your life, you will remember that the mirror showed you different "things"/versions of yourself at different times. Sometimes you appeared to yourself in/through the mirror as hideous, a mess, gross, or any other number of descriptive adjectives. Other times you appeared as beautiful, or incredibly sexy.

Your body, your vessel, is how you "symbolically" identify in the physical realm of the/this/your matrix. That is why so many people chop all their hair off following a bad breakup, or do an entire overhaul on their wardrobe when making a big transition in their lives. The desire to re-manifest; to re-define yourself in the physical realm. How much you choose to identify with your-self on the physical level is different for everyone, and varies throughout ones life. Your name is another form of identity;  therebye, making it also a symbol of identification. It symbolically communicates to others who we are on the spirit level.

 Just like our stories, it is a tool of communication.  I also see it as a vehicle of expression. Your name is, in a sense, the doorway through which your spirit communicates and expresses itself; a gateway of sorts. Just the same as poetry, music, and a brushstroke in motion.  It can be percieved, to some, as superficial to care about your name; much in the same way someone who focuses on what they wear can appear superficial. Some may see it as too "image" oriented.

The irony here is that everything is a projection of how we percieve it/create it; just like the reflection in the mirror.  How do you percieve your self? Are you weak or strong? Are you both? Are you funny, intelligent, talented? What stories does your character/personality create, communicate, and express? Has your personality changed over time? How you see yourself, in terms of character, has that changed too? So then, why would you not change your name to follow suit?

More to come on this......

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