Sunday, February 13, 2011

La Di Da

Feeling like you have to stick to one way of being. Limitation. A virtual distraction. I prefer fluid motion and swing set daydreams. I can't stay one way. I can't stay the same. There's too much to do and and too much to say. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Everytime I try to pin myself down, I find a way to wiggle out. I can't stay black and I can't stay white. That doesn't mean I'm strictly in between. The wind and the water call my name. To remind me that I can't stay. Sweep me up and take me for a ride. I wouldn't have it any other way.

My compass points north, and I'm shooting that way. I can't stay, I won't stay. The soil is sweet and the sand sifts through my hands. Sand castle shorelines relflected through bright eyes. Let's trample them together and look towards the carry us away. Tide pool,  Hot geiser, Waterslide. Let's buy the ticket and ride this ride. Cause I can't stand to stay, the same.

My thoughts are flooded with who's, what's, where's and why's. I'm not sure, I'm so sure. That I'll be swept away. Air, fire, flicker, dancing from the flame that spells your name. I can't stay, so you must follow, alongside. These footsteps sound like heaven. I think I'm ready to play. Double my dutch and pick up my stix. Swim from one side to the other, remember to hold your breath. 

Underwater weather. Forecast cloudy with rain. Hop, jump, skip. These are the games we play. Keep moving if you want to keep pace, because I'm not playing here to stay. Our steps will erase themselves on windy days. Our chalk lines will fade in the rain . Let's keep moving, I can't stay.

I don't like to leave people behind, so I ask you to keep step alongside. Take your biggest strides, leaps, and aerial jumps. This game will get your blood flowing like the water it's sourced itself from. I know you'll keep pace, right alongside me. Cause we can't stay, one way. We can't stay the same. We'll never be the same.

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