Monday, February 7, 2011

The Fungus Among Us.....continued

(It is important that you read the first segment before reading this.)

After traversing the hallway between the bathroom and the bedroom, I began to hear "voices." If I recall correctly, sometimes I let them speak through me, and other times I just reiterated what they said. I told my friend that we were once Egyptian queens, and our purpose in this current lifetime was to lead....with Love. (As opposed to fear.) We were leaders and remained as such.

 At this point, we have a tape recorder going. I tell her that we have to write everything down too. Like magic, she pulls out a 3-dimensional wood carving board that she had left over from her printmaking class. We decide that it is perfect to write on because of something or other having to do with Egypt and hieroglyphs. On one side of the board we write down people who lead with love (people we knew from everyday life, and some notably famous people.) On the other, we write down people who lead with fear. On the thin section between the front and back, we wrote a collection of names also. We agreed on a collective "theme/title" for these people, that I can't recall.

At certain points the voices would leave me, like hot air from a balloon. When that happened, they would talk through/to my friend. I would cry a little when this happened, feeling upset over their absence. (This continues for a little while.) The night is capped off with my friend, sitting in her bed, pulling a dollar bill out of her pocket that she got in the tip jar at work that day. It has I (heart) U written on it in red sharpie. Naturally, we are ecstatic, and agree that it is a sign. We are also completely giddy over the Egyptian pyramid on the dollar bill.

The night comes to end with the two of us smoking a little to come down, and me eating all the hershey kisses sitting in the dish next to her bed, followed by a heavy slumber.

Looking back on this, I see how much truth there was and remains in that experience. And I am most grateful for it. (though I have no desire to do it again.) At the time, I got a lot of "Yeah, o.k....'s (insert eye roll here)" from friends who have not had similar experiences, though they took all the "appropriate steps" towards the possibility. The only validation I received was from the person I received them from and my companion from that day. And ironically, my therapist at the time! On that note, I advise heavy caution and awareness for anyone interested. Cheers!

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