Friday, February 4, 2011

A lighter topic....The Fungus Among Us

He cautioned me that it would be quite an intense, spiritual experience. Which, by the way, made me want to have it even more. I was in my last semester of college; submerged in my thesis, and craved some kind of different, and new experience for myself. I asked a good friend who I felt really comfortable with if she wanted to share them with me. It was still the middle of the winter in NY when the snow and the ice permeate your every pore. So instead of having our experience outside in a lush green field or by a river bank in the middle of the woods, we opted for her very large and roomate-less house on the outskirts of town.

Saying it was "intense" is an understatement, and does not do it justice. In the beginning, I just laid in her bed, feeling progressively warmer, and feeling very heavy like a dense paper weight. My friend was warm too. She kept changing her outfit; throwing clothes from her closet, on and off her small frame. I thought she looked like a miniature figurine in a dollhouse. She appeared so much smaller than the closet and the rest of the room. After her many wardrobe changes, she felt the heaviness too, and submitted.

I joined her on the floor. Initially, her space heater was freaking me out and making me nervous. I didn't like the way it was looking at me and I kept pushing it far into the corner and trying to conceal it. I didn't want to have a bad experience, so I just matter of factly spoke my mind at/to it. Saying things like "Stop it, don't look at me like that, get outta here", and "Who do you think you are, wipe that look off your face." When I felt like it was moving back closer to us, I  would say "Why aren't you listening to me, I told you to go away."  Needless to say, my girlfriend was rolling around, laughing her ass off at me and my.

Once I put the space heater "in it's place" I began to try and converse with her rug (which I was sitting on) and her bag. I began dramatically saying "I don't know you" while I ran my fingers through the rug. I began talking about how I wanted "to know" all my objects; how impersonal they all felt. At this point, it looks like I'm trying to serenade my friends bag. Of course, my friend is still cracking up.

Shortly after my declaration of love for all objects, my friend went downstairs to empty some of the contents of her stomach. I felt left out, so I decided to follow her lead in the bathroom upstairs. While hanging over the porcelain bowl, I proceeded to see cat skulls in all the floor tiles. At this point I was not scared, and welcomed anything that came. When my friend came upstairs and joined me on the cold bathroom floor, I showed her the skulls and told her of my new found "discoveries." Apparently, I was a descendant of Egypt, and had lived there before. I also described to her the image I saw on the wall, an open circular window displaying the ocean tides moving in and out, crashing against the shore . I told her that this was life. I said something along the lines of how good and evil were "irrelevant." And how the notion of "good" versus "bad" was false. There was just this back and forth motion, like the tides. Completely natural and effluent.

To be continued......

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