Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am stronger because of our trip

Hey Jill-

greetings from the cool winds of Boulder, CO. I hope all is well back in your town, and that you haven't forgotten about our crazy G-week trek together. I'm still counting on some of those pictures enclosed in a letter...Anyway, I just applied for a youth coordinator job in Seattle, WA and I'd be very psyched to get it-so keep your fingers crossed. You know I wanted to tell you again what an awesome time it was for us to have you around. Yea, I know your saying No, No, but listen - you pushed yourself more than anyone - remember the victorious grunt up Bull Hill & Mt. Elbert. You kicked ass, girl, big time. that showed me what you were capable of doing when you let yourself. Have you done any rock-climbing of late, or gotten out into the woods. If you haven't, get out Miss DeStefano. Get out under some trees, smile, look beyond those buildings and people, and think about the incredible freedom of life. I need to do this from time to time, when I get to caught up in things./Your a wonderful spirit and please send word of what your doing, and you can even humor me and say your stronger because of our trip! Take care and listen to that inner-voice that is so unique and beautiful <3 Cole