Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Past---The Present---The Future; Part 2

Dear Reader; You will want to read Part 1 first........

I met someone recently, and I recognized immediatly what he represented for me. Still, with this awareness, I skipped forward with light feet, and danced those steps again; though slightly different. I haven't danced those steps since I was a child; as he so closely in my mind, reminded me of my brother. But he is not the brother I imagined in my minds eye, though he is in some respects, A Brother. Repetition can be ruthless, but at least this was fun and heartfelt. Even if its shelflife expiration falls short of what I'd hope for. Just as I'm sure I will someday talk to my blood brother again. Of course, I dare not attach myself to either picture//expectation.

As for my future; there are infinite possibilities I'm sure, and I'm probably testing them out in other dimensions//universes' as I write this. I'm probably meeting up with myself on the astral plane to talk//mull over the options with my multiple selves. Especially with my attitude of "Test everything before you commit." I like sneak previews; what can I say.

When we fall in love, we fall in love with the information that we associate with love//connection. When we connect we connect over the information that we use to define our Selves and our Realities. Whether its trauma, family, art, music, travel, the occult, fun, laughter, nature, etc etc, the possiblities are endless and infinite.

It's all programming. That sounds so cold, harsh, and distant, doesn't it? It doesn't have to be. You select the vibration of all that programming too. And you can over//rewrite it just the same.
We can choose the ways in which we connect; we can choose the ways we define our realities and our selves. It is hard for me to even type these words, as I can feel the past and all my programming clinging and clawing away, because it knows its time is coming to an end. I will have to "die" temporarily to be "reborn."

Moving on......

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